We donate a part of our profits from teaching Ashtanga Yoga to charity. So if you come to any of our classes, you can be sure you don’t only do something good for yourself, but also for others. 

Ashtanga Yoga has helped me a lot personally, making me feel physically and mentally good. But nothing makes me feel better than helping others - especially kids, who have lost their parents or have gone through tough times. Because they deserve a fair chance in life and, if helped, can have a massive impact on our future.

A book that inspired me to do more than the occasional donation was “Half The Sky”. I really recommend you to read this book and check out their website (

During one of my early visits to Mysore, I met Tracy, the founder and President of Operation Shanti - a small charity. I visited the place and was so impressed by their work and dedication, that I have since supported their cause by donating 50% of my profits from teaching Ashtanga yoga. And long shall it continue.

Operation Shanti’s mission is to directly improve the lives of exploited, at-risk, destitute children (…), enabling them to become “beacons of light” and share the same gifts of peace, goodwill, and generosity with others for the rest of their lifetimes.

If you want to find out more about this great charity or donate directly, please visit 


Here a thank you mail for our 2015 contributions. We’d like to pass on this ‘thank you’ to all our students who are supporting us.

Dear students at Asthanga Yoga Zurich,
Thank you so much for your generous donation to Operation Shanti to help four of our little girls with the education-related expenses. We really appreciate your support from so far away, and it means a lot that you are also yoga practitioners! We've known your teacher Nassera for a long time, and she has supported our kids in many ways. It is nice to see her share her sense of giving and seva with her students!

If you find yourself in Mysore someday, please let us know! We'd love for you to meet our kids!
Thanks again and peace to all of you.
Tracy Kuichika


If you’d like to know more details or have any other questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail: